Marie Victoria is committed to using the best design and apparel techniques to create the perfect dress.






The inaugural Marie Victoria collection is inspired by family legacy. This legacy includes the passing down of Leslie's great grandmother's hand-crafted ring.  This ring is adorned with gemstones representing mother and children.  Leslie continues that tradition by naming each dress representative of gemstones and the precious people in her life.  This collection showcases Leslie's range of design from conservative elegance to modern statement pieces.  

Luxury Gowns Made Just For You!


The exclusive Marie Victoria experience allows the bride to participate in the integral process of a design created for her unique style.


Schedule a consultation to share the vision of your special day personally with designer Leslie Gilbeaux. As she actively listens to your desires, you will watch the transformation begin and your ideas will magically help create a distinctive design informed and inspired by you. Participate in the selection of fabrication and embellishments to adorn your bespoke gown. In support of the elaborate design process that each intricate work of art necessitates, Marie Victoria produces limited privately commissioned gowns yearly. Skip the hastle of finding a cookie cutter dress that you fit, instead design a gown that fits you.  



Want a Complimentary Bridal Consultation?

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